Ad Positions that Deliver Results

Winsight Design Staff

An analysis of which ad spots perform best in terms of click-through rate (CTR) across CSP’s eNewsletters.

Winsight wants your company’s ads to have the greatest impact possible. To make sure you’re choosing the correct position for your brand, we did an analysis of our eNewsletter display ads to uncover which positions had a better click-through rate in comparison to other ad options.

Here’s what we found:

Branded Articles

When comparing CSP’s eNewsletter ad options and their respective click-through rates, we saw that branded articles consistently performed the best compared to other ads.

For example, when looking at eNewsletters with leaderboard positions and branded articles, we found that:

(Metrics were averaged from April 2021-April 2022.)

Content related ads had the highest average CTR compared to other ads run across most of CSP’s eNewsletters. While banner ads are successful for branding and driving traffic, content ads perform significantly better.

Recommendation: Use branded articles over banner ads to get the most ROI on your campaign. Living in the content stream of our editorial eNewsletters, native content placements help build thought leadership around important industry topics and share your brand’s story.

Upper Medium Rectangle vs. Lower Medium Rectangle

When comparing CTR metrics for the upper medium rectangle (300x250) and the lower medium rectangle (300x250) positions on CSP’s main flagship eNewsletter, CSP Daily News, we found that:

(Metrics were averaged from April 2021-April 2022.)

Recommendation: To maximize engagement with CSP’s largest eNewsletter audience and experience the greatest ROI for your brand, feature your product or service in the upper medium rectangle ad position.

Content Spotlight vs. Product Showcase

The most effective ad position in CSP’s flagship eNL, CSP Daily News, is the content spotlight, which is:

(Metrics were averaged from April 2021-April 2022.)

Recommendation: To ensure your ad is front and center among our engaged audience and maximize your brand’s exposure, take advantage of CSP’s content spotlight.