Manage campaigns and view ROI in real time when you partner with CSP, with exclusive membership benefits to track and optimize your campaigns. See how campaigns are tracking against set goals and update your creative to fit your needs. All of this is available and more in the MyInforma platform.

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What is available in MyInforma

  • Multiple Account Access - See advertising metrics for each account you are responsible for
  • Media and Event Info - Easily access event information, media kits, advertising specs and more
  • Content Studio - Customize the content seen for each ad campaign, update creative, optimize your campaign
  • Advertising Metrics - View detailed metrics for each of your campaigns including clicks, impressions, campaign durations, etc
  • Export Capabilities - Select target categories and export reports using customized filters

Advertising Best Practices

Custom Content Recommendations

A list of the top 3 custom content recommendations based on efficiency metrics.

Ad Positions that Deliver Results

An analysis of which ad spots perform the best in terms of click-through rate (CTR) across CSP’s eNewsletters.

The Retailer’s Path to Purchase

An in-depth look at how food retailers gather information, assess products, and make purchasing decisions.